Monday, May 4, 2009

RSS, oh yeah

I used Google Reader to set up my RSS. I thought it would be stupid but it's actually pretty cool to have everything in one spot.

This is what I subscribe to so far:

27 Things
BitterSweet (9)
Fatfree Vegan Kitchen (5)
VeganYumYum (4)
VeganFreak Radio Vega...
Vegan Cupcakes Take O...
YALSA (10)
Go See Live Music (10)">JamBase > Go See Live... (10) Latest News (10)
Feministing (10)

I am lazy so I just posted the current ones from my reader. So basically what you can glean from my blogs is that I am a vegan/feminist/y.a. librarian/jam band loving woman. I hope everybody else found some interesting blogs to follow.


  1. Why did you think it would be stupid??? I love having all my feeds drop into my inbox. And, if you are using Outlook 2007, you can even have your feeds go there!

  2. Usually feed readers make all the feeds look alike, but you can easily click through to the original post in all it's technicolor when you want to. Having them in one place really saves time.